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Calling out NYCOS singers of the summer of 2022!

This page is to iinvite you to a song project that asks Glam Barbie to cool the hot damn globe.

A brief introduction

a wee personal note from me.




Some early ideas, thrown around. Not an indication of the final product by any means however,  these are early experiments and studies on the song's structure and form.

What's next?

  1. First, you decide and put your hand up to join me and Glam Barbie in cooling the globe.

  2. Next, we form a chat group on a platform of your choice to answer questions and determine the best plan of action, in terms of scheduling, rehearsals & recording. Keeping in mind these will most likely happen remotely, with me being in Australia or on tour.

  3. I finalise the score in light of the decisions above.

  4. You learn & practice your parts.

  5. We hit the ground singing in rehearsals and finally in recording!

    Thank you for reading this far. :)

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